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Members at Large


In accordance with its statutes, SWSA members come from the following candidate pools:
  • ISWC General chairs become SWSA members (to ensure continuity and knowledge preservation)
  • The SWSA Management Committee
  • The W3C can nominate a member
  • Additional members can be chosen by the current membership

To increase the participation of ISWC attendees in the decision making process regarding future ISWCs, SWSA decided in their October 2012 meeting to enlarge its membership with Members at Large. These members will be chosen from and by the ISWC attendees. 

We will elect the first Member at Large at ISWC 2013 in Sydney. The election will adhere to the principles and mechanics outlined below. 

As a SWSA member, you will have full voting rights in the SWSA decisions, which includes discussions about future locations and organizational issues. You are expected to participate in person at the SWSA meeting, which traditionally takes place on the evening before the start of ISWC in the conference city.


  • Every attendee of the ISWC, where the election is happening, can vote
  • Every attendee of the ISWC, where the election is happening, can be elected
  • The election happens during the town hall meeting


  • We inform all registered ISWC participants 2 weeks before the start of the conference abut the possibility to become a member at large.
  • We will also mention it at the conference opening.
  • People can self-nominate up until the end of the first day of the conference by email or via the SWSA contact form.
  • The nomination needs to be seconded by at least one additional eligible person (eg, via cc: Candidate or nominator cc'd the person to second and (s)he then replies that (s)he seconds). 
  • Verified nominees can publish a platform statement, and we will publish these on the SWSA home-page if we receive them at least 1 week before the start of the conference.
  • The statements should be no longer than 200 words.
  • At the town-hall meeting itself candidates get a one minute pitch.
  • We vote by secret (written) ballot filled in electronically after the town hall (probably using Open STV) and open for 24 hours.
Election Procedure:
  • STV / Instant runoff. We announce winner at closing session.